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Our signature OhLydia Play shorts now in swimwear form!

Inspired by bathing suits of the 1950's, this collection has a classic and timeless feel.


Made from recycled lycra flexcite; 78% polyester and 22% elastic, making it both comfortable and durable.


Printed in North East London and manufactured in North West, we've continued to push our ethos of keeping things local


In sizes XS, S, M, L & XL (keep the same sizing as your Play shorts)


  • Follow these instructions to keep your OhLydia swim top notch.

    - 78% Recycled Polyester 22% Elastine

    - Wash in cold water no warmer than 30 degrees, a cold wash will keep colours from fading and is better for the environment too (sexy!) OR HAND WASH 

    Do not tumble dry

    - Wash with similar colours

    - Ideally use a washing bag for your intimates when laundering them.

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